Hairstyle Trends for Spring and Summer 2024

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Your Guide to Spring and Summer Hairstyles

Spring is here and already the haircut and styling requests are shifting at Church Barber. We talked to the team and reached out to partner shops, celebrity stylists, and global hair educators to compile a list of the best hairstyle trends for spring and summer 2024, broken into three categories: 90s styles, easy summer cuts, and classics. 

90s Hairstyles

90’s styles in general are trending in 2024, baggier pants, 90’s trainers, North Face and Carhartt, etc., it’s safe to say the 90’s are back. 90’s hairstyles are no exception.

Hockey Flow

Colleen Dominique, Los Angeles based celebrity stylist says, “a cut that’s been high on my requests and one I personally love doing is a mid length cut, which some call ‘hockey flow’ - it’s not necessarily a mullet but it’s long on top, blended to the back and kind of mid length on the sides. Enough to slick back or texturize. It’s easy and effortless and I love styling it.” So, why is it called hockey flow, you ask? Hockey players love to have their long hair flowing behind them as they skate down the ice (think mid-90s Jaromir Jagr ). As you can see with Colleen's client Adam Dimarco, hockey flow looks great with curls too. 

Hockey Flow haircut on Adam DiMarco
Cut and style on Adam Dimarco, by Colleen Dominque. Photo by Kelsey Hale.

Curtain Cut

The classic “heartthrob” hairstyle, the curtain cut made our 2023 list as well, and it’s only become more popular in 2024. Church Barber's own Cam Wickliffe has become the go-to barber for the curtain cut, and he even sports the style himself. Cam says, “the key to a proper curtain cut is to have your barber cut layers and texture into your hair with curtain bangs at a length that will accentuate your head shape, so your hair can look natural, have movement, and sit just right.”

curtain haircut
The original heartthrob Leo, and Cameron Wickliffe of Church Barber with a vintage 90's curtain cut. 

Wolf Cut

"The wolf cut is the evolution of the modern mullet", says Church Barber’s own Brandon Faulk. Brandon does so may wolf cuts at Church that he was interviewed by GQ about how to ask your barber for the style. He adds, "what makes it different from a mullet, is that the wolf cut has curtain bangs, which takes it to a new level. It looks more savage, it's Michael J. Fox Teen Wolf vibes... you’re making a statement with the wolf cut”. 

Wolf cut haircut
Wolf Cut by Brandon Faulk of Church Barber

Creative mods and Forward Fringes

We asked Charlie Gray and Alessandro Barca, global hair educators behind Hair in Motion in London, what styles they see trending right now, and it's clear they both see the trend of hair coming forward continuing in 2024, but with a twist. Said Gray, “I think we continue with the trend of hair coming into the face with heavy fringes and soft edges, whilst maintaining length In the back with mullets and shags as the main inspiration for a lot of guys. The key to mixing it up is playing with longer and shorter versions of the same hairstyle.”

Alessandro likes mod cuts and shags, styles you might have seen on Oasis in the 90’s or the Beatles in the 60’s, and he says, “while mullets had been trending for a couple of years, now clients are looking for something cleaner, shorter, and easier to control, and more wearable for everyday needs.” 

Creative mod haircuts with forward fringes
Cuts and styles by Alessandro Barca and Charles Gray of Hair and Motion Education.

Easy Summer Styles

Summer is for being outside, and when you're on the go having an easy hairstyle is a big plus. 

Textured Quiff with Fade

Another cut Brandon Faulk likes for summer, and the look he’s wearing himself these days at Church, is the textured quiff with a fade. “It’s easy styling for summer, you don’t need much product… it’s great for hopping in and out of the water, and it looks good for all types of events and different sceneries”. 

textured quiff haircut with fade
Quiff haircut with a fade, by Brandon Faulk.

Burst Fade

The Burst fade is a futuristic take on a traditional fade and it's been a request we've seen more of in 2024. Barber Meelo Cervantes is sporting a burst fade these days at Church Barber and he says, "I wanted to switch it up from a regular fade, and go for something that stands out a bit more when going out." 

Burst fade
Barber Meelo Cervantes wears a Burst Fade, by Chris De La Cruz of Church Barber. 

Natural Fro with Bald Fade

Afros are always in style, but we're seeing more people opt for a more natural look up top and pairing it with a super crispy fade or taper on the side, to create more contrast. It's a great look for summer, and the bald fade is ideal for the warmer months. 

Natural Afro with Bald Fade
Natural Afro with Bald Fade, cuts by Olivia Gomez and Meelo Cervantes of Church Barber.

Hair Color

We've seen a lot more color in the shop in the last couple of years, and that trend seems to have some staying power left, at least for the spring and summer, where a dose of bright color sends a signal that you're ready to party. Jordan Benigno from our partner shop Paradox Barber in San Jose loves adding color to a buzzcut, and says, "a 5 (guard) on top is good so you can put some clay in it to bring out the texture; it's low maintenance and still makes a statement". 

color dyed and bleached hairstyles
Colored (green) buzzcut and Textured crop (pink) by Jordan Benigno of Paradox Barber, Textured quiff (bleached) by Jasmine Diederichs of Church Barber.

Classic Cuts for Spring and Summer

There's always an argument for simplicity and sticking with the classics, and the best part about classics is they never go out of style. 

Buzz Cut, Bald Fade

Chris DeLaCruz, also from Church Barber, is a big fan of the bald fade, and for spring and summer he suggests pairing it with a classic buzz cut. “The Travis Kelce cut, as the kids are calling it these days…”, says Chris, adding, “don’t call it that :)... it’s less maintenance, and it feels great in the sun on a summer day.” 

Buzz Cut Balde Fade aka the Travis Kelce Cut
Buzzcut Bald Fade on neighborhood local David Rojo

Comb-over with a mid-fade

Meelo of Church Barber sees a lot of combovers (or side parts) with a mid fade. “It’s one of the most classic shorter haircuts, and the fade gives it an edge. The fade also allows it to last a little longer because it grows back gradually. It’s a cut that can easily last 3 weeks.” 

combover cut with mid fade
Combover cut with mid fade, by Meelo Cervantes from Church Barber.

Mid-length Cuts with Low Tapers

Jordan Benigno, co-founder of the legendary Paradox Barbershops in San Jose, shared a cut he loves for warmer months, what he calls a "loosely styled, wavy brush back w/ a low taper," adding, "the crisp freshness of a taper paired with the lived in flow of a mid-length cut is the perfect look for spring in the city." 

brushback hair cut with low taper
Cut by Jordan Benigno of Paradox Barber.

These are the cuts we're seeing most this summer. Let us know if we missed anything! 

If need help finding a style that fits you best, email us at or call Church Barber during business hours, at 415-814-3788. Peace!