What it means to be a "Botanical Barbershop"

Church California partners share our same philosophical approach to barbering and grooming - we believe natural and organic products work better, are better for you, and are better for the environment. We look for and use plant alternatives to your typical barbershop chemical cocktails (like alcohol based shave gels and talc powder - yuck). Botanical Barbershops also do our best to limit our ecological footprint, by using at little plastic as possible, and limiting our usage of single use products typically seen in a barbershop.


Unison Men's Salon

Los Angeles, CA

"Envisioned as a space for well-being", Unison recognizes every individuals’ unique form and texture. Every step of their process is carefully thought out. All Unison products are hand selected and curated to fit their brand values, all of which are organic, non toxic products that are enriching to the hair, mind, and soul. Heavily influenced by the level of service that Japanese culture embodies, they strive to provide clients an experience to be remembered.

Barber Theory

Denver, CO

Barber Theory was conceived from the idea that your hair is an expression of your image. Now with three shops in Denver, they're known as a highly technical group of very skilled barbers. Due to the very high altitude in Denver, the Coastal Creme Pomade is by far the favorite amongst the customer base, as it's very light and doesn't weigh you down.

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