Botanical Babershop

The world’s first “Botanical Barbershop”, Church Barber is  a non-toxic atmosphere for barbers and customers; we replace toxins for plant alternatives, swapping out barbershop staples like talc powder (a known carcinogen) with our botanical “dusting powder” made of arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and crushed dried flowers. Located in the center of San Francisco’s most vibrant neighborhood, Hayes Valley, the aromas of our serums, shave oils, and elixirs fill the shop, drawing people in from the street. 



Our haircut service begins with a consultation to find the right haircut for you, followed by a full haircut service and styling.

This is for those with long hair who want an all shear cut. Includes shampoo, and is a 60 minute service.

Buzz cut services use 1 clipper guard only, which means they do not include a fade. Complimentary hair wash upon request.

The Church beard trim includes a consultation, followed by a beard trim styling of your choice. We use our in-house botanical blend hot compress and finish with a straight-razor clean up.

Church Barber's Straight Razor Shave is a full 1 hour experience, which includes a barber facial, a series of hot and cold botanical blend compresses, and a full shave. All oils, cleansers and creams are 100% botanical and made by Church California exclusively for Church Barber.

The Sunday Service (available daily), is a one hour service, which includes a haircut and the Church Barber facial. Our facial includes a series of hot and cold botanical compresses, an oil-based facial cleanse, rose water hydrating spray, finished with our Sun Grown Serum. If this is your first visit to Church Barber, the Sunday Service may be booked in place of an Introductory Haircut.

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