Hairstyle Trends for Summer 2023

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Recommended Haircuts and Hairstyles for Summer 2023

It’s officially summer and we’re seeing a shift in the haircuts people are requesting at Church Barber. We reached out to some of our partner shops around the country and asked our crew from Church Barber to share the hairstyle trends they see emerging, and what they recommend.

Whether you’ve been growing your hair out and are looking for a new hairstyle, or you’re looking to simplify your hairstyle and lifestyle with a shorter haircut, we’ve got you covered.

These are the 7 most popular hairstyle trends and haircuts our barbers are recommending for Summer 2023.

#1: The Modern Mullet

Mullets have been trending since barbershops re-opened in the middle of the pandemic. Many of us who grew our hair out felt the need to experiment with the growth before cutting it off again, upon returning to their barber. 

We've seen new takes on the mullet include a fade on the sides, and more textured tops. 

Parker from Church Barber, an SF local who's mom is also a stylist, says, “I like to add a burst fade to the mullet - it adds a modern flair that makes it a more current cut, and less of a retro throwback look. It's still business in the front, and party in the back, but we're adding some style to the sides".

Modern Mullet
Modern Mullet with fade
Modern Mullet with Burst Fade by Parker Catalano, Church Barber

Brandon Faulk, also of Church Barber, likes the modern mullet too, and says, “it works whether you're a business professional with a more polished look, or more blue collar looking for a rugged look”. Dan Riner of Gr8tful Head Barber Seattle, says he “adds Church Volcanic Clay to bring out more texture and really fluff that mullet up”. 

modern mullet with taper and scissor cut
Modern Mullet by Brandon Faulk, Church Barber
modern mullet with taper
Modern Mullet by Dan Riner, Gr8fulhead Barber Co 

#2: The Curtain Cut

The “Curtain Cut” has been a great transition for those who've grown their hair out a bit and now want to embrace a new style that takes advantage of all that growth. 

For anyone with a part that falls near the middle of their head, this is an easy and natural look to pull off. 

Cam, from Church Barber, says the curtain cut "is great for people who want to try a style with more length and flow", adding that “when your hair is cut to curtains it will naturally fall to frame your face which is great when high (summer) heat can cause your style to fall apart.” 

curtain bangs
Curtain Cut by Cameron Wickliffe, Church Barber

Also called a “two block haircut”, legendary Bay Area barber and instructor JayR Mallari says, “I've noticed a trend of the Asian pop star look meets 90s TGIF hair vibes, and it's making a strong new presence in the hair scene." He says, “if you're able to pull off the middle part, or 70/30 with a soft blend on the sides, you've got the look down."  

This style is best aided by our Coastal Crème Pomade, which adds volume so the hair falls naturally, and just the right amount of hold so you can still run your hands through your hair and reposition throughout the day.

#3: The Graduated Cut, or “Brushback”

A “Graduated” haircut means your barber or stylist creates a literal graduation of lengths that build up from the front to the back of your head, pushing volume forward and allowing for a flowing brushed back look.

Brandon Faulk, who provided the haircut example here, says, “the graduated cut is a great summer cut because it looks great with little or no product for a chill beach day, or styled with a stronger hold and quick blow dry for a special event.” 

Brandon recommends that you “ask your barber to pop in a skin taper for some cool contrast and a longer lasting cut!”

graduated haircut
Graduated Cut by Brandon Faulk, Church Barber

#4: The Bald Fade

A Bald Fade is always one of these most requested cuts in a barbershop, especially during the spring and summer months. It's an extremely versatile cut, as you can pair a bald fade with just about any hairstyle up top, and it lasts a while because you take so much of your hair down to the skin. 

It can be challenging to find a barber who can do a bald fade and a good scissor cut (and vice versa), so look and ask around before choosing a barber. All Church Barber crew members are versatile and can handle all types of hair and hairstyles, including bald fades and scissor cuts. If you need a recommendation outside of SF, check out our partner shops

Below are a few examples of the many ways bald fades can work with different styles and types of hair.

Bald Fade with Scissor Cut Top

Bald fade with scissor cut top
Bald Fade with Scissor Cut by Olivia Gomez, Church Barber
Bald fade with scissor cut top
Bald Fade with Scissor Cut by Cameron Wickliffe, Church Barber

Bald Fade with Flat Top

Gumby Flat Top Fade
Gumby Flat Top Fade side
Gumby Flat Top Fade by Derek Barros, Church Barber

Bald Fade with Short / Cropped Top

bald fade
Bald Fade by Meelo Cervantes, Church Barber
cropped bald fade
Crop with Bald Fade by Don Gomez, Paradox Barber

#5: Shear Cut with Longer Back

While there's nothing wrong with an old fashioned clipper cut, many of our customers come to us for the extra uniqueness and subtle detailing only a shear cut (or scissor cut) can provide.

One trend we're seeing, is customers opting for a slightly longer cut in the back. Not quite a mullet, but not a taper either, the extended length in the back adds some extra flair to the cut. It looks cool under a hat, and looks great styled as well.

Cory Spencer, from Barber Theory in Denver, calls this one an “easy, effortless asymmetrical all shear cut with a little extra in the back, styled with Church California Coastal Creme Pomade (of course).” 

shear cut with extra length
Shear Cut by Cory Spencer, Barber Theory in Denver

#6: Burst Fades and Taper Fades

As barbershop customers become more and more educated (everyone seems smarter nowadays right?) it's no longer uncommon to hear people ask for a “burst fade” or for customers to understand the difference between a classic fade and a “taper fade”. 

Here's a few examples gone right - customers asking for taper fades, and burst fades, and barbers delivering. This summer, try asking for a taper fade, rather than your traditional fade, and see how you like it. 

taper fade with scissor
Scissor Cut with Taper by Brandon Faulk, Church Barber
burst fade
Mini Faux hawk with burst fade by Alex Brenard, Winsome Barbershop

#7: Textured Crops

Ryan Damian, owner of Unison Salon in LA, says he's been getting "a lot of requests for the textured fringe cuts", adding, “they're a great summer option because of the versatility. Rough it up and wear it forward, or blow dry it back for a lived in GQ look". Check out these textured cuts, both done by the team at Unison. 

textured french crop hair cut
Textured French Crop by Nicholas Suhr, Unison
Textured fringe haircut
Textured Fringe by Ryan Damian, Unison

Have any other ideas for summer trends, or questions about how to choose the right style for you? Send us an email to: We'd love to hear from you! 

Church Team