Church California Ethos

Church represents the feeling of connection to the universe one experiences upon entering their "Church", whether that Church be a physical place like a lush forest path or a surfer amongst a perfect set of waves, or a non-psychical place like the natural high or euphoria you feel upon entering a "flow state". 

For us, California is a Church we're lucky enough to experience every day and we do our best to get out into nature as frequently as possible. Church California’s mission is to utilize the plant life around us to build extremely high quality grooming products, trusting in mother nature’s abilities to heal our bodies.

Everything we create at Church California reflects our faith in awakening the senses to the power of the natural world, and the transformative effects of bringing wild elements into our everyday lives and rituals. We call them "natural highs". 

Our products are 100% botanical, made in small batches from plants found in the wild and harvested at the height of their potency. They are completely free of toxins, chemical additives and artificial fragrances, because our senses know the difference.

Church California was founded in 2014 by Ryan and Beatrice Gonzalez, and further evolved in collaboration with a collective of artists, designers, craftsmen, herbalists and creators dedicated to reuniting the human body + spirit with the natural world.