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Church represents a passion for connecting with nature (our Church), and one connection point we’re very passionate about is through natural, untouched spring water. Every two weeks we journey 30 minutes from San Francisco to Mount Tam to collect spring water from Red Rock Spring, a natural spring which many people local to the Bay Area travel to collect from. There are springs like this one all throughout the US, offering (free) natural, mineral-rich spring water, and with it a chance to connect directly with your local ecology in a way people have done for thousands of years before us. We hope we can inspire you to want to learn more about Spring Water. 

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Sun Wax Pomade - "Best Pomade" Grooming Awards Winner -GQ

Coastal Creme Pomade - "Best Natural Pomade" -Men's Health

Volcanic Clay Pomade - "The best dry styler for volume" - GQ