Weekend rituals worth considering

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An Overview of my Weekend Rituals

In the last 5 or so years my weekends haven’t had too much variation in them. Over time I've found a wonderful set of things  that I do, that I wouldn't want to miss. 


For your consideration, here are few of my weekend rituals: 

Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday morning my family and I head to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market in San Francisco. Each week we buy enough food to last the week, including fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies, farm-raised chicken from Root Down Farm in Pescadero, wild mushrooms from Far West Fungi, fresh masa from Tierra Vegetables to make our own fresh tortillas (the best), and fermented salsa from Wise Goat Organics. Not only is eating locally and seasonally of paramount importance to us - fresh corn and stone fruit in summer, squash and beans in winter - it’s also cost-effective to buy direct from the farm vs. buying second-hand from a store. Equally important, is the direct connection and weekly interaction we get with the people who grow our food. 


Fresh Flowers

Another weekly collection from the same farmer’s market, we buy many bundles of flowers and select bouquets, for both Church Barber and our home. Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful forms of art, I've always kept my apartment or house full of fresh, seasonal flowers. I love how the selection naturally changes throughout the year, dahlias in the peak of summer, and even in the winter I look forward to fresh bundles of eucalyptus. 


Shop work

Every weekend I bring my two daughters to the shop to do some work, mostly packing and shipping packages out. They have a special relationship to our businesses - Church Barber and Church California - they’ve been there since the start, and each year they get more curious, more helpful, more inspired. One of my inspirations for building a business was to provide a space and a place to inspire my girls to know they can do anything they want in life. Each weekend they get a taste of what that means. 


Collecting Natural Spring Water

Every 3 weeks (technically not a weekly thing), we head to Red Rock Spring 15 miles north of San Francisco to collect 45 gallons of natural spring water, enough to drink daily, use for cooking, coffee, and all ingestible needs for the subsequent 3 weeks. You can learn more about our spring water collection process on our blog, and find a local spring here


Take a very long walk, or run

If solo I run, if together with Bea we walk, but either way I love to get outside for a long while, usually with a mix of nature in Golden Gate Park and taking in the streets and architecture of the city. I often  run with the Church Barber 10K playlist we created years ago, featuring songs that have high bpm beats that are great for running. 

Family Dinner

Either Saturday or Sunday, post-walk, we go to my parents house, usually with a bag of fresh food from the farmer’s market to cook. We’re lucky to live in the same city as my parents, as well as my sister and her family. Prior to settling back in SF, when Bea and I lived in Brooklyn, we hosted dinners with friends often there too. I can’t think of a better activity then getting together with friends and family to cook and enjoy a meal. 


Other things you might catch us doing include theAlameda Flea Market (first Sunday of every month), and watching the 49ers game.