Meet Jack Curtin 👋

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Jackson "Jack" Curtin is a 20 year resident of SF, a father, a painter, and a veteran pro skater who rides for Skate Mental, New Balance Numeric, FTC, and more. He’s also a Church Barber regular and all around rad dude. 

We caught up with Jack and got his thoughts on San Francisco, his favorite skate spots, and more. 

We also shot this "day in the life" video below, following Jack as he heads to Church Barber for a cut. *Note: we shot on 3 different cameras - a cinema camera, an old Bolex camera, and a handycam from the early 2000s... see if you can pickup on the different film types throughout. 

"Follow your heart, and be yourself with your own style"

Where’d you grow up?

I was born in Washington DC, and moved around a lot as a kid, living in different countries for my mom's job in the State Department. 

How’d you get into skating?

I really started getting into skating when I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia in 7th grade. My new friends were getting into skating and I got hooked trying to learn how to ollie and keep up with them. 

Wow, Jakarta! What's the skate scene like there?

*Laughs* It was very limited, but fun. Me and my friends would roam the city and find street spots to skate. 

So what brought you to SF?

I ended up in SF in 2001 for University, and a dream to skate. 

You’ve skated all over the world - How’s the skate scene in SF compare to other places?

SF is a unique skate city because of all the hills and history. Lots of skaters move here from all over to skate here and be a part of the scene. New skateparks in the city have helped develop a younger generation of skaters from the Bay which is awesome to see. 

Favorite spots?

Union Square and Pier 7 

You’ve been a pro a long time (20 years), what was it like getting sponsored?

Getting sponsored was super exciting and then finally turning pro was a dream come true. I’m grateful I've been able to sustain such a long career. 

And how’s S.F. changed over the years?

It’s grown and changed a lot through the tech boom, to now the post pandemic craze. Bay bridge toll is $7 now! 

**Historical side note: the toll was $2 in 2001 when Jack moved here**

How about Hayes Valley?

Hayes has gotten more gentrified but the inflow of some of the boutique shops  and restaurants has been cool. I do miss parts - the old days in SF when it was much more of a cultural hub for young artists, musicians, designers, as opposed to uber tech based. 

Any favorite Hayes spots?

A Mano, and Undefeated. *Both made the Church Recommended list of Best Places to go in Hayes Valley. 

Any advice for young, up and coming skaters?

Follow your heart and be yourself with your own style. Don't worry about getting sponsored, just skate hard and it will come naturally if you are doing for yourself. 

Ok - we gotta talk hair - how was your hairstyle changed over time?

*Laughs* I used to just shave my head! Then as I got older I started to fade my sides, with a part, but now I just comb it back and hit the sides with a mid bald fade. 

*Leading question: is using natural products like Church Pomade important to you and why?

Yes, I love the all natural and plant based ingredients, it smells good and holds really well too. 

Thanks Jack, you’re the man.

Much love to you and the team at Church for reaching out and establishing a sense of community in the city!