Bandanas for a New Earth

Material: 100% natural cotton. Rather than screen printed, these bandanas were discharge printed, which removes pigment leaving behind the natural color and a soft finish for easy, everyday wear. Machine washable, improves with age. Available in 3 colors: Blue, Green, and Orange.

Ascension to New Earth Consciousness 

After a period of forced retreat and personal isolation, we reemerge to integrate the experience, having surrendered to the flow of life, unpredictability of our social structures, and respect for nature. We see now the complexity and interconnectivity of the networks of our planet, our patterns illuminated and magnified through the disruption of our day to day routines. Stripped bare, we see ourselves stressed, distracted, awash in the blanket of consumerism - the feedback loop between want and need screeches to a halt. In the light of brilliant new awareness, we see the truths of our incarnations on this earth; appreciation for self actualization, peak experiences, whole awakening, steadiness, love, equanimity, present moment awareness, sense of wholeness and oneness, timelessness. The tides summon in a period of awareness, personal and planetary health as a core value, as we merge our own flow with the flow of shared consciousness for the ascension of a New Earth/