Natural & Organic Hair Products for Men

100% Natural and Organic

All Church California hair products are made with 100% plant-made organic and/or wildcrafted ingredients. We use no man-made fragrances, nor do we use man-made preservatives. Our natural hair products are always made by hand in extremely small batches, usually just a few days or weeks before sold. 

Free of Man-Made Preservatives

Though our products are all natural and organic, and made fresh with 100% botanical ingredients, they still have shelf life! We use natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract and rosemary extract, and we also bottle our natural pomades in biophotonic glass, a unique glass which blocks harmful light rays from entering the glass, naturally preserving the product's natural ingredients. 

High Performance Guarantee

Our hair pomades are natural, but they're also high performance. We're so sure our organic and natural hair products will outperform cheap lab-made hair products, that we back all Church products with a performance guarantee. Simply put, buy any of our hair products and try them out. If for any reason you're not satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund, less the cost of shipping. 

Made with Intention

Why are our pomades so good? We'll give you 3 reasons!

1. Each of our products has been created to fill a real need identified in our very own barbershop, Church Barber. Church Barber has been called the Best Barbershop in America, and our barbers are all top notch. We work with them and our customers to understand what hair products are needed, and then we go to work formulating them.

2. Church California hair products are made in-house, not farmed out to a lab. Most hair products on the market today are made in labs by people who only know how to make chemical-based products. They use junk to fragrance it, the cheapest preservatives they can find to give it shelf life, and bleach to dye the color to pink, white, or whatever they think you'll like. Our formulator is Church California Co-founder Beatrice Gonzalez, who grew up making her own soaps, toothpastes, and more, with her mom. Her mom still makes soap today :)  

3. We choose quality over all else. We don't cut corners, and we actively seek out the highest quality ingredients we can find. We're obsessed with bringing the highest quality products to market.